Job Planning

Job planning will help consultants and doctors plan and monitor workloads to ensure they continue to provide a good quality service to all patients with the resources available to them.

Our solution

Our job planning solution enables healthcare professionals to prioritise direct clinical care more effectively and help reduce excessive workloads.

In addition job planning will provide evidence for appraisals and revalidation to ensure that employees are compliant with working time regulations. Job planning allows healthcare professionals to document their main duties and responsibilities, scheduling of commitments, personal development and the support needed to complete the plan. Key features include:

Link to appraisals and revalidation management system

Objectives will be discussed and agreed at the job plan meeting but the appraisal process is important for agreeing and monitoring personal development. Job plans will incorporate personal development for the coming year.

Multi-level approval process

Job planning has an automated sign-off process for all job plans to ensure that they are aligned with the Trust’s objectives and compliant with legal working hours.

Real-time reporting

Reports are available for individuals to review what is required, what they need to do and where they need to be at all times.


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