Revalidation Management System FAQs

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, to view the answer please click on the question.

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, to view the answer please click on the question.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions here please do not hesitate to contact us directly on

What if I have forgotten my Password/Username?

Please use the `Forgotten Password’ link on the front login page. You will then be prompted to answer your unique security question, as supplied at account setup, an email will then be sent to you with a temporary password enabling you to login and reset it.

How do I confirm I’m an educational supervisor?

Within the `Professional Details’ section of your profile you will find the option to confirm you are an educational or clinical supervisor, simply indicate if either of these apply by ticking the box. Your portfolio will then be expanded to accommodate this role.

How do I select my appraiser?

You can select your appraiser by entering the `Appraisal Details’ section of your profile. Click on the address book icon alongside the appraiser field. If you are looking for an appraiser from within your organisation you should simply click `Search’, as the other fields will be applied by default. You will then see a list of approved appraisers from within your organisation; simply highlight your selection and clock `OK’. If you are being appraised by someone outside of your organisation you should `Clear’ the search criteria before searching the system via GMC number, Organisation or Name.

I cannot find my appraisal lead; no one comes up when I search the database?

If you cannot find your appraisal lead, please contact the revalidation lead or RMS administrator at your organisation, they will be able to have appropriate users added to the list.

How can I export my portfolio for downloading?

To export your portfolio, please click on the `Export Portfolio’ button at the top of your portfolio screen. The information will then be made available for download from your `My account’ tab.

Where can I complete a Health and Probity self-declaration?

Health & Probity declarations are made via the drop-down links on your `Portfolio’ tab. Simply click on the relevant link and the standard declaration will appear for you to complete as appropriate. Once completed it will be added to your portfolio.

How do I know my appraisal has been successfully signed off?

Once you have clicked the `Submit Appraisal’ button the appraisal progress bar on the `Home’ page will revert to 20% and you will be able to retrieve your completed appraisal output documents from the appraisal history section.

Where do I find my appraisal output documents, such as Appraisal Summary etc.?

Your appraisal output documents can be found in the `Appraisal History’ section, which is available via the `Appraisal’ tab.

Can I upload previous or paper appraisals on the system, e.g. MAG?

You can upload a previous appraisal to your account via the `Appraisal History’ link of your `Appraisal’ tab. Here you can add either a historic appraisal or additional information to an already uploaded appraisal. This is done by clicking `Add New Record’ in either the `Previous Appraisals’ or `Appraisal Output documents’ field and selecting the type of document you wish to upload. Please note: This is a reference document and will not populate information to your current portfolio.

What should I do once I have revalidated?

When a decision regarding your revalidation status is received you must update your account accordingly; this is very important for organisation reporting purposes and ensuring that a new `Revalidation Cycle’ is started. To update your revalidation status simply click on the `Revalidation Cycle’ link, found under you `Revalidation’ tab, select the status that applies to you and provide the date it was applied via the calendar icon. Your current revalidation cycle will then be closed and a new one automatically started.