360 Feedback FAQs

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, to view the answer please click on the question.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions here please do not hesitate to contact us directly on info@equiniti360clinical.com

I cannot log in/How do I copy & paste?

If you are having difficulty accessing your 360 account with the log in information we have provided you, it is likely that either the username or password have been mistyped on the log in page.

We recommend that you try copy and pasting the details directly from our email into your web browser to ensure they are accurate.

To copy and paste follow these simple steps:

Firstly open our email in one window, and the 360 log-in page on another.

Left-click and drag from the first character of the username across to the last of the username to highlight it.

Right-click on the highlighted username.

Select ‘copy’ from the pop-up menu.

Now, on the log in page, right-click in the username text field and select ‘paste’ from the pop-up menu.

Repeat this process for the password details, and then hit the ‘log-in’ button. 

What address should I enter for my patient cards?

If you are undertaking a patient assessment you will be prompted to input a postal address for your patient forms. This can either be your home or work address, whichever is most convenient.

Please note that some organisations require that your patient forms are sent to a specific person, so if you find this section pre-populated with an address, do not amend it.

I am being asked to provide an address for my patient cards, but in my role I do not see patients, what should I do?

Some medical professions do not involve any direct contact with patients, and therefore will not require patient feedback to be obtained.

If you believe you should not be taking part in a patient feedback assessment, but have been prompted to enter a postal address for patient forms then please contact our helpdesk on 0845 180 1405. 

What do I do with my completed patient forms?

Once you have gathered in a sufficient number of patient feedback forms, you will need to return them to us.

Please send the completed forms together in a single envelope. No cover letter or identification is necessary as each is individually coded.

We do not require the forms to be posted in any particular way, however you may wish to send them by recorded delivery as this is more secure.

 Please send your completed patient forms to the following address:

Equiniti 360 Clinical

PO BOX 304


TN34 9EJ

How do I select/input my facilitator?

If your 360 account has not been set up with a facilitator (or supportive medical colleague) then you will need to provide us with their details to be added to the system.

Your facilitator will need to be a colleague that is senior to you. They will be responsible for two actions; firstly for vetting your nominated colleague raters, and secondly to access your completed 360 Report.

If you are unsure whom to select for this role, your internal appraisal/revalidation team will be able to provide you with some guidance.


Once you have selected whom your facilitator will be you will need to provide us with the following details:

Title/Full Name/Email address/Area of expertise.

You can email these details to us at the following address: Lucy@equiniti360clinical.com

How do I find out who has not responded?

The 360 feedback process is confidential and anonymous, therefore we will not be able to disclose which individuals have not responded.

Weekly reminder emails are sent out to your nominated colleague raters to prompt their participation, and any emails which fail to deliver will cause a notification to be sent to you requesting a corrected address.

If you find you are struggling to reach the desired level of responses, you can request space for additional raters to be added to your account by contacting our customer care team on 0845 180 1405 or by emailing Lucy@equiniti360clinical.com

How can I keep track of my 360 assessments progress?

You can view your current response level at any time by simply logging-in to your 360 account and selecting the ‘my progress’ tab.

This will show an up-to-date account of both your colleague and patient feedback responses currently on the system.

What is the minimum level of responses required?

The minimum level of responses required by the GMC for a valid 360 are 12 colleagues and 10 patients.

The recommended level is 15 and 20 respectively as this helps us generate a more statistically significant assessment.

Some organisations may require that the recommended levels of 15 and 20 are reached.

How I apply for a 360 assessment?

If you are applying for a 360 assessment through your organisation, contact your appraisal/revalidation team who will request this on your behalf.

 If you are applying for a 360 assessment individually you should book this via the Buy Online section of our website

Please note we cannot take payment by telephone.

How long is a 360 Report valid for?

Each 360 Report remains valid for a period of 5 years from its published date. 

I have accidentally declined the assessment, how do I amend this?

If you have accidentally declined a 360 assessment, please contact our customer care team on 0845 180 1405 and we will be able to reset this for you. 

I do not wish to take part in the assessment, how do I remove myself?

If you have been asked to participate in a colleagues’ 360 assessment, but do not wish to take part, please log in to the account using the details provided a simply select ‘decline’ on the first page.

Your withdrawal from the process will be completely unknown to the doctor.

Why is my assessment still on-going?

Your 360 assessment will remain open until it either reaches its deadline date (12 weeks after your initial log-in) or you have achieved the full recommended level of responses (15 colleagues and 20 patients).

If you have exceeded the GMC minimum requirements of 12 colleagues and 10 patients and wish for your report to be compiled as it stands, you can request this by contacting our customer care team on 0845 180 1405 or by emailing Lucy@equiniti360clinical.com

My assessment is complete, however I had not finished collecting my patient feedback/did not achieve the necessary level of responses, what should I do?

If your assessment has reached its deadline date and closed before the required level of responses had been attained, you will need to contact our customer care team to reopen the assessment. Please either call us on 0845 180 1405 or alternatively email Lucy@equiniti360clinical.com

How do I get a copy of my completed 360 Report?

Once you have completed your 360 assessment the result will be compiled and published into a report. This report is then made available to your facilitator, who can download a PDF version via their own 360 account and forward this on to you.

The report should be feedback to you in a constructive manner before you are provided with a copy.