360 Feedback for Nurses and Midwives

The perfect tool to assist with revalidation

360⁰ feedback is a well-recognised and powerful source of information about how an individual performs, acknowledging excellence and identifying areas to help with continuous professional development.

Colleague and patient questionnaires facilitate the gathering of feedback from a variety of sources, and key individuals, about a healthcare professional’s behaviour and performance and can be used:

To identify strengths and areas for improvement in practises to inform his/her professional development

To provide reliable feedback on important qualities that can be difficult to obtain by other means, including communication skills, professionalism and interpersonal skills, assessed in the context of day-to-day practise

As one of several pieces of supporting information that, when considered together, inform the decision as to whether someone is up to date and fit to practise.

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Nurse/Midwife with colleague and patient feedback

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Nurse/Midwife with colleague feedback

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