Cohort of Medical Royal Colleges

Equiniti 360° Clinical has been appointed to develop the Revalidation Portfolio for a cohort of medical Royal Colleges. The cohort of medical Royal Colleges’ aim is to make the process of revalidation as straight forward as possible for its members. By making an online tool available to its members which is easy to use and provides systematic and logical data capture it will save the time of busy doctors in managing and organising the supporting information needed for appraisal and revalidation.

The Revalidation Portfolio will be incorporated into the Equiniti 360° Clinical revalidation management system, RMS, for those doctors and organisations who wish to purchase a complete revalidation management solution. Using a revalidation management system that incorporates the Revalidation Portfolio will save considerable amounts of doctors’ time by avoiding duplication of effort in collating and filing supporting information for revalidation.

The Royal Colleges have chosen Equiniti 360° Clinical to provide the Revalidation Portfolio as they already supply leading 360 degree feedback software, training and support to NHS Trusts and Boards throughout the UK and have significant IT capabilities and considerable experience in integrating systems.

Royal College of Physicians

360°Feedback for doctors uses colleague and patient questionnaires developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians, which were specifically designed to be suitable for use by all doctors, irrespective of their specialty and for the purpose of revalidation. We are currently working with the Royal College of Physicians, and other Royal Colleges and Faculties, to develop specialty specific clinical 360° Feedback questions.

Industry bodies

Equiniti 360° Clinical ensures its research is qualitative and quantitative by maintaining close relationships and regular dialogue with opinion leaders, key personnel and decision-makers from:

  • The Department of Health
  • The General Medical Council
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Royal Colleges
  • Faculties

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